With IN(SPA)RATION, Real Music presents another fine tapestry of tranquil gems that have the common goal of helping one get into the mindset for relaxation.

This album features music by tried and true favorites like Gandalf, Kevin Kern, Bernward Koch, Hilary Stagg and more. InSPAration's pieces are mostly melodic, somewhat uplifting and ultimately serene.

As the name implies, you can use the music to enhance a spa atmosphere - the soft, fluid nature of the selections certainly would accomplish that task admirably. On the other hand, this is a perfect album for an afternoon of "you" time; be it a warm bath, a good book or just lying on the couch and relaxing? this music can turn such moments into something truly special.

Allow to turn any moment into a special moment with Real Music's InSPAration album in stock today.

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