Rodrigo Y Gabriela


It's rare to hear musicians - and instrumentalists at that, display the sort of raw, unadulterated passion that Rodrigo Y Gabriela provide on their self-titled domestic debut. In simplest terms, the duo plays dueling Spanish guitars with percussion accompaniment. But that won't prepare you for the dauntingly complex sounds you'll find here. The pair actually have roots in Mexico's heavy metal scene, and that influence can be heard in the duo's aggressive guitarwork and choice of cover tunes (Led Zepplin's "Stairway to Heaven" and Metallica's "Orion"). Yet, there are no screeching guitars here - Rodrigo Y Gabriela temper their flamenco guitar music with a blend of Spanish groove, gritty blues, jazz improvisation and Latin dance. Imagine an edgier, earthier version of the Gipsy Kings and you'll be on the right track. Of note are the wonderfully tropical opener "Tamacun" and the rapid-fire fretwork of "Diablo Rojo" with its thundering drums and searing, rhythmic guitar.

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